Tilmann Rabl

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Tilmann Rabl is a postdoctoral researcher at the Middleware Systems Research Group at the University of Toronto. His research focuses on big data storage management, new hardware for big data systems, big data analytics, database systems architecture and benchmarking. During his PhD studies, he developed the Parallel Data Generation Framework (PDGF), a generic data generator for benchmarking. For his work on data generation he received a Technical Contribution Award by the Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC). PDGF is basis of the data generator for the new TPC benchmark for data integration TPC-DI. Based on his work on data generation and benchmarking, Tilmann has founded the start-up company bankmark.

In his doctoral research at the University of Passau, Tilmann focused on data distribution in distributed databases. His doctoral thesis was nominated for the SPEC Distinguished Dissertation Award 2012 and received an honorable mention.

Tilmann is co-founder and member of the steering committee of the Workshop on Big Data Benchmarking Series and the Big Data Benchmarking Community.