TEAM: Tropical Ecological Assessment and Monitoring Network

The goal of the TEAM Network project is to scale up ecological studies to global proportions. This ambitious initiative is devoted to monitoring long-term trends in biodiversity and by establishing networks of tropical field stations and standardized methods of data collection so that scientists anywhere on Earth can quantify at the pace at which we are saving tropical ecosystems. In that sense, TEAM is an early warning system for nature.

The TEAM Network operates by deploying monitoring sites around the world, where data are collected according to standardized protocols using mobile technologies to facilitate data collection in the field. These data are then transferred and stored in servers and databases housed at SDSC and then disseminated globally in near real-time using advanced cyberinfrastructure.

The role of ACID researchers is to provide the entire end-to-end cyberinfrastructure from capturing data in the field to serving the data to a global community of users via the TEAM Portal.

Principal Investigators: 

Sandy Andelman, Vice President, Conservation International (CI)


Conservation International: Jorge Ahumada, Eric Fegraus