American Red Cross Safe and Well List

The American Red Cross Safe and Well Website is a service provided by the American Red Cross (ARC) for use by victims of disasters in the US, and their loved ones. For individuals affected by a disaster, this website provides a way to register themselves as “safe and well.” From a list of standard messages, the individual can select those that they want to communicate to their family members or friends, to let the family members and friends know of the well-being of the individual.

Concerned family and friends can search the list of those who have registered themselves as “safe and well.” The results of a successful search will display a loved one’s First Name, Last Name, an “As of Date”, and the “safe and well” messages selected.

The Safe and Well list service was an idea that originated during Hurricane Katrina when researchers at SDSC worked in close conjunction with the American Red Cross to provide such a site for victims of Katrina (and, soon thereafter, Hurricane Rita). Over the 2-month period during the Katrina and Rita disasters, about 600,000 names were processed at SDSC for inclusion in the Safe and Well list, which was called at that time, with the site being served by Microsoft Corp.

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