NMR Portal: UCSD Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Data Portal

The objective of the NMR Portal project is to develop a central location for the data collected by researchers and students using any of the NMR facilities at UCSD. Creating a central site for all of this data makes it easier for researchers to access their data at a later time after experiments are completed, and facilitates data sharing between PIs and their groups and among collaborating researchers.

The data will be collected at the NMR Portal using a "polling" mechanism by which data is "pulled" from each NMR equipment site to the central location. Users will be able to log in to the central location and access all of their data. Furthermore, storing all data at a central location makes it possible to retain these data for the longer term, even if an individual NMR facility on campus decided to delete data files from their local computer system.

The effort is being led by researchers in the UCSD Chemistry Department, who are funded under an NSF grant entitled "Acquisition of a 500-MHz NMR Spectrometer Console Upgrade and Cyberinfrastructure Capability (NSF Award# #0741968).

The role of ACID researchers on this project is to design the overall NMR Portal and associated data harvesting mechanisms, as well as deploy a production version of the portal at SDSC. The collaboration between SDSC and the Department of Chemistry was initiated by Dr. Natasha Balac, DataCentral, SDSC, who participated in the initial proposal to NSF.

Principal Investigators: 

Robert Continetti, UCSD Chemistry Department
Co-PI: Joseph O'Connor, UCSD Chemistry Department


Project Manager: Anthony Mrse, UCSD Chemistry Department
IT Manager: Alann Lopes, UCSD Chemistry Department

Past ACID Participants: 
Funding Source: 

Chemistry Research Instrumentation and Facilities: Multi User Program (CRIF:MU), National Science Foundation