GEON: Geosciences Network

GEON started in 2002 as a collaborative research project among a dozen PI institutions, funded by the NSF Information Technology Research (ITR) program, to develop cyberinfrastructure for Earth Science data sharing and integration. However, much of the core GEON cyberinfrastructure is generic and broadly applicable beyond Earth Sciences and Geosciences and, indeed, has been leveraged by many other projects in earth sciences as well as archaeology, ecology, environmental science, and earthquake engineering.

One of the spinoff projects from the original GEON effort is the facility. GEON has also established the Cyberinfrastructure Summer Institute for Geoscientists (CSIG), which is being offered for the 7th year in 2010. A major activity in GEON currently is the development of the OpenEarth Framework for integration and visual analytics of multidimensional earth science data.

Principal Investigators: 

Chaitan Baru
Co-investigators: Randy Keller, University of Oklahoma
Ramon Arrowsmith, Arizona State University
Charles Meertens, UNAVCO

ACID Participants: 
Past ACID Participants: 
Funding Source: 

National Science Foundation