Cyberinfrastructure Research, Education And Development (CI-RED)

Virtually all SDSC activities involve national and/or international collaborations and partnerships with individuals, communities and institutions both inside and outside SDSC.

The cyberinfrastructure provided by SDSC provides a tremendous attractor for computational and data-oriented scientists. SDSC currently is a leader/co-leader/participant in more than 80 grants and contracts.

In its role as a Center, it is critical for SDSC to work to ensure that SDSC activities have both broad and deep impact. Broad impact means that a substantial fraction of a community is enabled by the Center's work.

SDSC provides an organizational home for technology and science research and deployment. Activities range from participation in the National Science Foundation's TeraGrid to hosting data for the Protein Data Bank to outreach and education activities and strategic applications collaborations which helps users maximize their use of SDSC resources.


A historical view of the CI-RED site is preserved via the Wayback Machine.