Kate Kaya's picture
Cyberinfrastructure Developer

Kate Kaya is a technical project lead, software development and deployment manager, research applications programmer and end user support for a variety of CyberInfrastructure projects within the San Diego Supercomputer Center’s (SDSC) Advanced CyberInfrastructure Development (ACID) group in its... more

Kai Lin's picture
Senior Research Programmer

Dr. Lin is a senior research programmer at the San Diego Supercomputer Center. He has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California, San Diego. Dr. Lin’s current research interests include databases, data management, cyberinfrastructure, geoinformatics, and software engineering... more

Viswanath Nandigam's picture
Interim Director

Viswanath Nandigam is the interim director of the ACID Lab and lead for various data intensive cyberinfrastructure projects at SDSC. He specializes in scientific data acquisition and management, data intensive application development, parallel and federated database systems and information... more

Minh Phan's picture
Programmer Analyst

Minh Phan is a software developer at SDSC. Minh specializes in web and database related development, and is also interested in software engineering. He has been involved in several Cyberinfrastructure projects including Webshaker (2000-2002), Health Monitoring of Highway Bridges and Civil... more

Jim Short's picture
Research Director

Dr. Short is Lead Scientist and co-founder of the Center for Large Scale Data Systems (CLDS) at the San Diego Supercomputer Center. He has taught business strategy, management information systems, and communications theory at the London Business School, Theseus Institute, and the MIT Sloan... more