ACID projects and researchers in the media

Listing of media coverage of ACID projects and researchers as well as selected talks at various venues.

Mapscaping Podcast - OpenTopography - Infrastructure for topographic data
October 05, 2021

OpenTopography Collaboration Awarded New Four-Year Grant
August 24, 2020

SDSC Awarded a Three-Year NSF Grant for Data Reproducibility Research
August 29, 2018

UC San Diego to Develop Cyberinfrastructure for NASA’s ICESat/-2 Data
March 07, 2017

National Science Foundation Renews Funding for OpenTopography
July 26, 2016

Animal 'Selfies' Reveal Amazing Biodiversity in Tropical Forests
Jan 25, 2016

Photos: Hidden Cameras Find Diverse Animals in Tropical Forests
Jan 25, 2016

Tropical forest protected areas can protect biodiversity
Jan 19, 2016

GIS Geography - Top 6 Free LiDAR Data Sources
Jun 11, 2016

Computerworld 2015 Data+ Editors' Choice Awards - Conservation International
Sep 2, 2015

MD Anderson study finds sensor-based monitoring of cancer patients at home during radiation treatment may identify problems in their early stages
Jan 15, 2014

SDSC Researchers Recognized at White House Information Technology Event
Nov 13, 2013

U.S. Media Consumption to Rise to 15.5 Hours a Day – Per Person – by 2015
Nov 06, 2013

Industry-Standard Benchmarks for Big Data Platforms
Feb 25, 2013

BigData Top 100 Will Rank Data-Crunching Applications
Mar 1, 2013

NSF Renews Funding for National OpenTopography Project
Dec 04, 2012

3-D Laser Map Shows Earthquake Zone Before and After
Feb 9, 2012

Novel software used in first global camera trap mammal study
Sep 14, 2011

SDSC Researchers Co-author, Co-edit New Book on Geoinformatics
May 24, 2011

San Diego Supercomputer Center Begins Cloud Computing Research Using the Google-IBM CluE Cluster
Feb 17, 2009

Katrina Brought Out the Best of IT
Dec 5, 2005

High-tech goes into action in disaster zone
Sep 8, 2005

SDSC Scientists Help Katrina Victims
Oct 7, 2005

Selected Talks by ACID Researchers

Communities in the Cloud | The EarthCube Cloud Commons Working Group
Microsoft Research
Jun 27, 2016

Yale Day of Data 2015: Chaitan Baru, “Data Science R&D: Current Activities, Future Directions"
Chaitan Baru, Senior Advisor for Data Science, CISE Directorate, National Science Foundation, gives a keynote presentation for the Yale Day of Data 2015, with an introduction by Yale University President, Peter Salovey
Sep 18, 2015.

2012 Think Tank: Cloud Computing - Dr. Chaitan Baru
UCSD Gordon Center
Jul 25, 2013

XLDB2012: Introducing the Big Data Benchmark Community
Stanford University
Oct 12, 2012